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There Is Hope

Ive Walked A Similar Path

Hello there, Brave Beautiful Warrior 

I am so glad you found me. Curious, do I know you? Have our paths crossed before? 

You see, I have a connection to you. We may never have met before, but I know you because I've walked in similar shoes. Your pain is so deep it can be paralyzing to your mind, body and soul. A heart filled with anger, shame and guilt. Where intrusive thoughts have invaded your mind, making you feel hopeless, out of control and on the verge of a breakdown. 

My soul was lost and my heart was numb. I know loneliness. I know heartache. I know anxiety. I know negativity. I know rock bottom. I know what bullying feels like. Left out. Chosen last. 

I know what abandonment feels like. I know what abuse (in all forms) feels like and how it affects us. I know the pain of losing, not one but two children. I know the pain of missing someone you love. I know the feeling of unsettled business. I know how our inner critic works and how deceptive it can be. 


I know that unloved feeling. Not fitting in. Anger outbursts. Struggling with relationships. Lost friendships.

Pain that was indescribable. I lacked trust, had insecurities

and anxious for the majority of my life

(which I now know is from lack of love and nurturing), I never

let anyone help me. I always had to be in charge or control.

I am a perfectionist. I allowed my emotions to dictate my life.

I let fear control me. 

BUT most importantly I know what it feels like to TRANSFORMED, RESTORED, and HEALING from trauma and escape from everything mentioned above and come out feeling amazing!

Do You Feel Your Past Is Defining You?

Your trauma comes back as a reaction not a memory. 

You feel uneasy, have outbursts and spirals that happen at different times, you feel anxious entering

establishments or being around people, you become frustrated easily, negativity is your new defense,

escape routine to keep people away. You isolate for protection and escape becoming vulnerable. Do you feel like you cannot get the flashbacks out of your mind. Your inability to cope with change leaves you feeling scared or threatened? Intense mood swings without reason?

I am sure you are wondering why, right? 

The physiological and psychological aspects make healing a little more difficult. This is a component of Complex PTSD. Our brains cannot decipher what is real or fake, so it normally goes into survival mode. Hence, why negative thinking can cause a panic without no real reason. The physiological side (body) remembers what the psychological (brain) forgets. This happens when the memories have faded or been repressed. This is known as 'The Body Keeps The Score" Also, the brain remembers the trauma by a picture, smell, touch or sound which unknowingly activates a whirlwind of frantic emotions out of no where. Because those repressed memories are suppressed, the nervous system engages to protection/defense mode. Believe it or not, this is exactly how a trauma survivor lives each and every day because they have not been taught the correct methods to overcome their past. 

You want to belong. feel loved. let go. find hope. forgive. heal. change. 

You can find accomplish ALL of these things when working with Gina. 

Its starts with YOU.  

YOU need to want this change.

Because the end results are nothing shy of amazing!

You are NOT Broken, You are having a normal response to an ABNORMAL situation

You are here because you made a conscious decision that you wanted to move forward from the past by learning

and identifying negative impacts that are holding you back. You are ready to discover your authentic self.  

Be discovering your authentic self and identifying your true worth, you will rediscover a new you

As a Coach & Trauma Survivor, for once in my life, I was able to identify the negativities impacting my life and prohibiting me from moving forth. Id love the opportunity to help you achieve the same goals. 

The first step was the hardest. But you already accomplished that. 

You are here right?!?

The second step gets easier, as this is the YES I am ready.

Once you say YES, it's only up from here



YOU are STRONGER than you think, BRAVER than you know and more



POWERFUL than you can imagine. 

If you say YES, I've got you from here! 

There Is HOPE

As survivors, we do not realize that our trauma DOES NOT define who we are. Being a survivor, shows our strength, scars and bravery. You may not believe it, but I sure do. Because ultimately if you were not strong and brave, you wouldn't be here reading this.  


Trauma is not measured by significance. Its measured by you opening up, peeling back those unhealthy layers and learning to be transformed, restored and recovered. We ONLY measure your successes because those are validating moments we celebrate together to show you are move forth. 

Change started happening when I began educating myself and became more aware of the

aftereffects of trauma that were creating the whirlwind of emotions in my life. I was finally able to understand what was happening and make the necessary CHANGES. God chose me to

STAND UP and make a DIFFERENCE in the lives of others by rediscovering

who I was and be the INSPIRATION others needed on their journey. 

Genesis 50:20 - 

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the


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