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Work With Me 

Macha Tea

Trauma to Transformation

The Present Moment

In our full 60-minute Consultation session, we will discuss where you are in the present moment, what you may need and how I can help. We will also look at where you are on your healing journey, your support circle and what other professionals, if any, you are currently working with on your healing journey. 

Leaving The Past Behind

We will take several sessions to slowly peel back the layers of your trauma history, what is going on psychological (mind) and physiological (body) and what is needed to see progression on your healing and recovery journey. 

Brighter Future

In our weekly, full 60 minute sessions, we will uncover experiences that will help you rediscover your authentic self and bring forth healing,  transformation and restoration. Our goal is to see weekly progression and instill positive principles that will help you move forward into making better choices, decisions and habits. 

What You Can Expect From Our Coaches

As a trauma warrior, I know first hand the importance of being heard, felt and supported. That's why here, you will receive safety, trust and support because YOU truly do matter. 

Together, we will walk side by side, exploring your journey, peeling back layers of yesterday, to make today even brighter. 

Providing a relationship deeper than any business. We create a bond that brings trust, support and guidance on your healing recovery journey. ​
A bond where you will feel loved, comforted and supported.
We work at the cause of the symptoms, then work to overcome the symptoms. 
That's how we stand out. We want you to learn why you are angry, have mood swings, intrusive thoughts, negative thoughts, foggy brain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and more!​
We don't band-aid the issue, WE HELP REPAIR IT
Our modalities are different than traditional talk therapy. 
We use proven techniques and resources we lived and breathed for so long that has truly helped us kick 'survival mode' to the curb.
Each session is uniquely tailored to every client. No two sessions are alike.  

As we work together, you will slowly shift from being 'stuck in survival' to being able to live the life you've longed for. 

You'll gain more tools, resources and understanding to have a fulfilled life. 

We will celebrate victories & wins as those are BIG accomplishments. Even the smalls one too. Those are just as important. 

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