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Stepping out in COURAGEOUS ways, makes us stronger each day

Beautiful Flawed Warrior represents the bravery, strength and resilence you display by wanting change and understanding pertaining to the aftereffects of childhood and adult trauma enough to explore your own healing. 

A Certified Complex Trauma Recovery Coach is a Mental Health Practitioner trained in working with clients with childhood & adult trauma otherwise known as Complex PTSD or CPTSD. With coaching, past traumas are acknowledged but we work in the present day. Clients experience an emotionally safe environment with a healthy connection and do not experience retraumatization. Coaches acknowledge with gentle curiosity, maladaptive (negative) coping mechanisms and unhealthy behaviors due to broken core beliefs from past traumas.


Coaches also educate their clients about:

  • ​the aftereffects of Complex Trauma and developmental needs

  • the neuroscience of trauma

  • psychoeducation

  • somatic work

  • alternative modalities 

that may be helpful, whilst normalizing the clients reality, relaying how healing occurs and utilize S.M.A.R.T goals for specific growth.

Trauma Recovery Coaches practice the client has the innate ability to heal. Creating recovery goals that are individualized and sustainable for each client's needs and charting the progress for growth and desired outcomes. 

Coaches always maintain a safe space for the client to discuss and process their experiences in the context of a relatable, professional relationship. Coaching empowers the client to solve their own problems and equip our clients to understand what is happening physically, emotionally and mentally when behaviors are repeated. Coaches assess how the client desires to navigate change and help to construct personalized strategies for the client to move forward in a different way. 

Aftereffects of Trauma

Complex Trauma/Complex PTSD
Intrusive Thoughts/Negative Thinking
Flashbacks (body or memory)
Influx in feelings of anxiousness or extreme sadness
Mood Swings 
Trust Issue
Self Destruction

Somatic Complaints
(stomaches, headaches, & physical pain that has no
cause or diagnosis)


Attachment & Relationships

Adults have issues forming attachments and healthy relationships

Emotional Regulation & Responses

Uncontrollable anger
Increase Nervousness or Sadness
Mood Swings
Inability to express emotions
Strong unexplained reactions to specific people
Lack of ease in certain places
Childish reactions

INSPIRING, SUPPORTING & ENCOURAGING Trauma Survivors to get grounded, rediscovering themselves and helping them heal



Transformation and Restoration Healing

Trauma Recovery Healing is a vital process for those who experienced childhood trauma

Find out how to heal from Complex Trauma, a condition that can impact every aspects of your life if left unresolved. 

Natural Pond

The Journey Towards Healing 

Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

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