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Continuing Education for Coaches, Social Works and Counselors of Mental Health & Trauma

COGNITIVE DISTORTIONS: Neurobiology and neuroscience based education with tools, resources and exercises for overcoming negative thought processes and distortions. Learn to gain control over the mind to decrease anxiety and depression with challenging, mind shifting exercises to retrain the brain towards positivity. 

1. Identify and overcome distortions and negative thought processes
2. Improve brain function & growth
3. Proven exercises to re-engage the mind and body

1. More knowledge and understanding about complex trauma, why self-care is important and why identifying triggers is an important foundations for recovery
2. Where distortions originated and the 12 main distortions with examples and worksheets
3. Cognitive Fusion and Defusion
4. Why some modalities do not work for healing

5. Mending the brain
6. Why gut health is important
7. Learn ways to mind shift

So many trauma survivors have these types of processes and distortions and are ashamed or fearful to speak out or get help. They sometimes give too much attention to these thoughts and they start to control or dictate their lifestyle. Leading to increased anxiety and depression. I was one of them, Mental Health Professionals need to be equipped with education, tools and resources to help their clients further. Without proper education, we cannot understand how our clients feel. With Complex Trauma, the brain is underdeveloped and not working at full capacity. Which means the trauma is embedded physiologically and psychologically inside the Amygdala and Limbic System. Working on the cause of the aftereffects helps decrease dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors which helps in recovery. Making positive shifts in the brain helps the Hippocampus start to make more and retrieve positive memories. 

1. Live interactions (held monthly)
2. Pre-Recorded
 - work at your own pace, in your own time. 


We Are The Voice


Access Next-Level Trauma-aftereffects and correlation to Mental Health

We are a community based ministry dedicated to addressing and promoting awareness and early prevention for mental health. We are advocating for our five pillars; mental health, awareness, positivity, mentorship and coaching. We believe that mental health is a critical part of overall wellness for all Americans, all ages, all backgrounds, and all beliefs across cultures. This year’s focus will be on collective efforts to educate on the correlation between childhood trauma and mental health, promote well-being, prevent illnesses, increase resiliency, and foster recovery. Topics will highlight lived experiences, mentorship, neuroscience and biology, and resources and modalities, centering around community and social determinants of mental health - all ages - with a focus on collective community efforts.

Our conference will be held in person for a more personal and professional gathering. We will have eight breakout-sessions where guests will learn more in depth on a specific topic of their interests. Topics include;  The conference brings together families, caregivers, peers, providers, advocates, and supporters from across the country and locally.

At our 1st ANNUAL TRAUMA & MENTAL HEALTH CONFERENCE, you'll hear from Certified Trauma Coaches, who are also trauma survivors, use their expert trauma knowledge, neurobiology and life experiences to bring hope, encouragement and empowerment to everyone who attends. 

Credit Hours - pending


HEALTHY BOUNDARIES: Boundaries are not as blatantly right in our eyesight as a fence, wall or 'do not enter' sign. Healthy Boundaries communicate to others what you will and will not tolerate. They help establish safety and security with them and you, including clients too. Trauma survivors have a tough time setting boundaries based on their childhood experiences. 

1. What are boundaries
2. What hinders us from setting boundaries (fear, anxiety, people pleasing, or we don't like confrontations)
3. How to overcome those challenges and set effective boundaries with clear consequences

1. What are boundaries and why are they important
2. How to become safe within to set boundaries
3. Why are boundaries so hard to set and maintain
4. Effective boundary setting with worksheets

5. What are consequences and how to make them

In childhood trauma, most of us lost our voice. Our boundaries were violated without us realizing it. We may have witnessed the boundaries of others being invaded. We didn't understand that until now. The negative consequences of speaking up kept us quiet. WNow we have developed a sense of anxiety, social anxiety, people pleasing, fear and so forth. We are afraid to be heard or seen because confrontations make us want to run the opposite way. That is super important in any session, to be seen and heard.

Our goal is to educate the importance of boundaries and gaining your voice to be heard in a respectful manner. How to choose yourself first to eliminate the shame and guilt rising up and making us feel even more lousy. Learning to build safety within us and out inner child will start creating space for growth, self-love, self-respect and self-compassion

1. Live interactions (held monthly)
2. Pre-Recorded
 - work at your own pace, in your own time. 



Certification of Trauma Informed Professional

Welcome... You did not find this group as a coincidence. You were brought here because you need us as much as we need you. We welcome you with open arms and compassionate hearts. 

This is an educational masterclass for those who are interested in learning more about trauma and gaining a deeper understanding of trauma related topics. 

Most do not know how the aftereffects of trauma can have a negative affect on your life. We do things that seem normal to us, but are not normal per say. When we experience abuse early onset, our brain development and functionality is hindered. Our Amygdala and Pre-Frontal Cortex becomes damaged over time. Our nervous system has been stuck in survival mode as we tried to survive the next encounter. This is because the Sympathetic is stuck in fight or flight mode so the Parasympathetic cannot do its job. Which is to calm you down and regulate your nervous system. It cannot regulate when the mind/body is constantly scanning for threats or bouts of danger. Hence, why are bodies are always tense and on edge. 

In our masterclass, you will be treated with the utmost respect and compassion. We ask that you do the same with your fellow group. We will provide a safe place and safe space without judgment. A place of comfortability where you feel safe to speak and ask questions. There may be some who share to offer encouragement, inspiration and support. We truly understand that everyone is at different healing levels and sometimes just having the support of others surrounding you, is all that matters. 

In our masterclass, we will look deep within each topic so you gain the knowledge and understanding needed to be Trauma-Informed. The topics below are 

  • ​     What is Trauma

  •      What is Complex Trauma vs PTSD

  •      What are Triggers and how to identify them (Similarities to Bi-Polar, Personality Disorder, ADHD)

  •      Intergenerational Trauma (past, present and future)

  •      Amygdala Hi-Jack and Dysregulation 

  •      Developmental Trauma & Pre-Frontal Cortex

  •      Complex PTSD & Anxiety

  •      Cognitive Distortion & Negative Thought Process (Workbook included in price)

  •      Importance of Breathing 

  •      Why Self Care is so important for Trauma Survivors   

  •      Boundaries

  •      Trauma Informed Movements

  •      Progressive Muscle Relaxation

  •      Overcome Fear

  •       Mother Wounds

  •       Father Wounds

  •       Unpacking Overwhelm

If you are curious why you or a loved one may acted differently, have an indescribable feeling that no one understands or just want more knowledge and resources, this group is for you. 


Meet weekly for 90 minutes, 25 weeks

Cost: $1875 (payment plans available)

Next Session will start June 2024

Sessions are held

ONLINE  EVERY Monday from 7-830pm EST (maximum of 75)

All materials will be sent via email. Its best to print them out and start a binder. That

way you can make notes and such. Also, a great way to access resources when needed

or as a refresher. 

Welcome to Flawed Warrior Apparel - Where we are the Light & Voice for Trauma Warriors - Help us bring light to the darkness and voices to those trauma warriors who have been shut down for far too long. Together, "WE" can make the difference!

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