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Join Us for our annual Trauma & Mental Health Conference; Trauma to Triumph May 18 2024 

Gina Fox
Certified Trauma Coach
Complex Trauma/cPTSD Coach
Board Certified Christian Mental Health Coach


Ohio Christian Mental Health Professional
Certified Trauma PTSD CPTSD Coach


Gina is a childhood trauma survivor and CPTSD warrior. She is Certified as a Trauma Recovery Coach, Board Certified Christian Mental Health Coach and Complex Trauma CPTSD Coach. She specializes in walking alongside her clients, helping them discover the root causes of their ongoing symptoms that are embedded in the cells and working layer by layer for a deeper, inner transformation. 

I work with clients who have Complex Trauma, otherwise known as Complex PTSD or Developmental Trauma. These are the aftereffects of adult & childhood trauma. Trauma to Transformation healing is done by finding the root cause of the symptoms instead of masking them. The reason is, is because the trauma (emotions) are embedded in the cellular level of the body. This means the body reacts without the brains knowledge. This is known as, the body keeps the score.


In Coaching, our duty is to walk alongside you, and help navigate the journey with you. We help clients understand why their bodies react in different situations or circumstances and implement tools to reduce those reactions (safety survival) We work on the cause (triggering/dysregulation) and then work on the symptoms (aftereffects of trauma).


Here is why, if we do not find out what is causing the dysregulation and work on the brain only, it will continue to cause harm as the unhealed, unprocessed trauma in the cells are driving the behaviors and negative, ruminating thinking.


We do not band-aid or mask the symptoms, we uncover each for healing. We use life experiences, psychoeducation, workbooks and other healing modalities to help clients move beyond their past. You will heal deeper and more effectively working through all of the inner layers. We work worldwide with clients fluent in English

"We offer 1:1 coaching for those who have aftereffects of trauma and are looking for transformation and restoration. We use different healing modalities than traditional talk therapy. Our main goal is identifying the root cause and working to heal each layer affected. We work at your pace. We use a gently approach that provides safety, compassion and empathy in each session. We are a non-judgmental space, where you can talk freely without worry. We work virtually, worldwide over Zoom."

Here in Coaching, we explore the various ways in which trauma can be addressed and resolved in a safe, trustworthy space that feels comfortable and peaceful to you. 

Gina is a highly qualified certified coach for C-PTSD, but also a real warrior. Having went through trauma herself and succeeded to deal with it in everyday life, she has the practical deep knowledge about why things go in a certain way with a traumatized mind and how to technically deal with these everyday issues. She is a great listener and most compassionate person. Indeed, thanks to her, and to whatever led me to decide that i need to heal, I have started having a shift in seeing my past issues and dealing with my current challenges. Kindly note, that in order to heal, you have to take at least a first step, it isn't an easy road but it is very rewarding. Best of luck to all, and many thanks to Gina :)

                                                                                   Lamis - France

Seeking help was the hardest thing I could do. Finding someone who could understand me was the second hardest. What I found in Gina was pure and genuine. Her welcoming presence and caring attitude sets her apart from most. Working with Gina has helped me to understand why I am this way and what trauma does. She has helped me reveal my trauma, identify my triggers and find myself again. I am forever grateful my path crossed with hers as she has been a God send. 
                                                           Bri - US

I would recommend Gina to anyone. I have been through so much trauma and she has helped me work through it and help me to set boundaries. She's been through a lot of what I have and it helps. She's not a judgmental person at all and definitely someone anyone can open up and talk too 
                                             Shari - US


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